Working on a Cruise Ship: Rae-Anne Forrester and Joseph Welton

When you work on board cruise ships, no two days are alike.

From producing live art auctions, enrichment programs, and exhibitions on board to enjoying the sights and sounds of the world’s wonders off the clock—a life at sea begets adventure. This past year, auctioneers Rae-Anne Forrester and Joseph Welton have been making their career dreams a reality, while gathering a lifetime of memories.

Rae-Anne Forrester and Joseph Welton before a Park West auction. Photo courtesy of Rae-Anne Forrester.

Read more insights from the high seas in Rae-Anne and Joseph’s exclusive Q&A with Park West:

Auctioneers Rae-Anne Forrester and Joseph Welton are skilled art educators, public speakers, and most of all, suitcase packers. Having visited over 30 countries in the past year alone, Rae-Anne and Joseph understand how connection is key, especially in the world of fine art. To the charming auctioneer couple, experience is fostered by friendship, memory, and imagination. These tenets are founded in their entrepreneurial spirit and transmitted to the homes of their collectors.

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned working as an art auctioneer is that the story and context of any artwork is fundamental to our appreciation and understanding of it,” says Joseph.

“Why do we love what we do? We’re able to provide collectors with memories for an entire lifetime, while also creating our own special moments to remember,” Rae-Anne asserts.

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