Working on a Cruise Ship: Joe and Eszter Wilson

When you embark on a shipboard career, you’re guaranteed to surprise yourself in more ways than one.

Some art associates, gallery directors, and art auctioneers identify their talents early and swiftly rise through the ranks; others realize their public speaking ability; and some even fall in love. Auctioneers Joe and Eszter Wilson met on board the Carnival Breeze in 2013. Ever since, the duo have been partners in life, love, and business.

Eszter and Joe Wilson. Photo courtesy of Eszter and Joe Wilson.

Think you have to choose between the love of your life and the career of a lifetime? Think again. Like Joe and Eszter, many auctioneer couples strive for greatness, and exemplify the professional and interpersonal opportunities an onboard career favors.

Eszter and Joe traveling through Mykonos, Greece. Photo courtesy of Eszter and Joe Wilson.

Learn more about Joe and Eszter’s adventures on the seven seas in their exclusive Q&A with Park West:

When Joe Wilson initially embarked on his adventure alongside Park West he told himself it was temporary—that was seven years ago. Since then, Joe has amassed great success as a fine art auctioneer, enjoyed the sunshine of several continents, and even met his wife—Eszter. Together, the pair has elevated cruise guests to new heights of collecting, and most recently, made a significant move of their own.

“As cliché as it sounds, I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. Eszter and I have met some of our best friends. I get to enrich people’s lives by introducing them to fine art, and most importantly, I get to do this with my wife. It doesn’t get any better than that,” says Joe.

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