Working on a Cruise Ship: Leif Rydfors

Sailing on open seas, visiting new ports of call every week, and hosting live art auctions and seminars —onboard auctioneers and associates experience all this and more.

Meet Leif Rydfors, an art auctioneer who has managed successful onboard art programs on over 45 cruise ships. To Leif, working on board cruise ships isn’t just another job, it’s a rewarding and dynamic career.

Leif and Yuliya Rydfors. Photo courtesy of Leif Rydfors.

Learn more about Leif’s professional prowess in his exclusive Q&A with Park West:

Art auctioneer Leif Rydfors is adaptable, vigorous, willing to take risks, a savvy businessman, and a lifelong scholar. These qualities are not only needed to fuel the initial rise of a successful auctioneer, but also to sustain the virtue of the position for 17 years.

So what’s the secret to Leif’s underlying professional passions?

Leif asserts, “I love to disseminate knowledge and to open people’s minds to the many pleasures of art collecting. I love the ever-expanding personal and professional growth that is manifested with being an auctioneer alongside Park West.”

With a tenure that spans decades, continents, and the inauguration of Park West’s newest cruise partner, Dream Cruises, Leif’s Park West career is truly larger than life.

I think the best advice I can offer collectors retrospectively after my extensive tenure in the art world is that art is for everyone. I encourage people to be open to the varying nuances of visceral pleasures that only can be ascertained throughout fine art. If you can allow yourself to have an open and honest internal dialogue with any work of art, the art world will truly be your oyster,” says Leif.

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