Working on a Cruise Ship: Luke Proctor

Looking for an opportunity to sharpen your professional business skills outside of a cubicle or classroom? You’re not alone.

Meet Luke Proctor, a talented fine art auctioneer who has represented Park West for more than 10 years.

Park West Gallery VIP Auctioneer Luke Proctor (Photo courtesy of Luke Proctor)

Learn more about Luke’s art adventures around the globe in his exclusive Q&A with Park West Gallery:

Luke Proctor has been an art auctioneer alongside Park West for more than 10 years, but had a knack for art from the very beginning. Luke immersed himself in art throughout his life, whether it was at his father’s ceramics studio, visiting museums and galleries, or reading from a library full of artists’ books.

Since last year, Luke has left his sea legs at bay and joined the Park West Gallery VIP Art Team, using his expansive knowledge of art to enrich the lives of collectors across the United States.

“I love hearing how much guests have enjoyed their experiences at previous events with Park West. So many great collections have begun with an auctioneer or gallery director taking time to make someone feel less intimidated about the art world. I love hearing these stories. I really enjoy working with the artists and getting to know them. They are all very humble and have persevered to get where they are today. Lastly, it’s a pleasure to work with such talented and passionate Park West teams. I’m honored to represent Park West,” says Luke.

Interested in pursuing your own career alongside Park West while fostering a passion for art in others? Learn more about the career experience of a lifetime and apply today!

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