Working on a Cruise Ship: Chris Vounnou and Katherine Moreno

Cruise ship jobs are equally rewarding, challenging, and enlightening. In fact, many onboard art gallery associates often assert: “It’s the hardest job you’ll ever love.” True to this mantra, when working onboard a cruise ship, love is inevitable—personally and professionally.

While working on board, auctioneers Chris Vounnou and Katherine Moreno engage with over 5,000 cruise guests a week and find friendships in every corner of the world.

Katherine Moreno and Chris Vounnou before an onboard art auction.

Chris is from Johannesburg, South Africa and has upheld a standard of professional excellence since becoming an art auctioneer over four years ago. Katherine, a Miami-native with a passion for fine arts and communications, began her shipboard career a year ago and hasn’t looked back. The pair met while working together in the Norwegian Getaway and together have risen among the ranks of top auctioneers.

Read about Chris and Katherine’s professional experience on board Norwegian Cruise Line in Park West Gallery’s exclusive Q&A:

Chris [Vounnou] and Katherine [Moreno] have one rule: “Do everything to the best of your ability.” This principle underlies the couple’s success, adventurous spirit, and passion for people.

“Being on board the NCL Escape has been an experience like no other,” Chris says. “It has been one of the best contracts of our career. The ship is top-of-the-line, the quality of life is excellent, and the adventures we’ve had in ports have been extraordinary. The culture we have created is the standard of what we hope to achieve and maintain in the future.”

 “We’re surrounded by one of the top art collections on the seven seas,” Katherine says. “The experience of being an auctioneer on the NCL Escape is an amalgamation of tenacity, teamwork, continuous development, and awe.”

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