Working on a Cruise Ship: Skye Li and Johnny Zhang

Cruises are traditionally associated with tropical destinations and Caribbean tempos, but voyages to Asia and the South Pacific are more popular than ever.

To fully accommodate the growing number of clientele from the Pacific East, many cruise lines offer multilingual art programs, including Park West Gallery. Principal Auctioneers Skye Li and Johnny Zhang are some of the first individuals within the company to take advantage of this unique opportunity and have never looked back.

Skye Li and Johnny Zhang on board the Sapphire Princess. Photo courtesy of Skye Li.

Skye and Johnny met by happenstance on Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas. Today, the pair is managing their own art program on board the Sapphire Princess in pursuit of a collective goal: entrepreneurship. Like the auctioneer couple’s love story, their success has been written in the stars.

Read about Skye and Johnny’s experience in the Asian cruise market in Park West’s exclusive Q&A:

With the cruise industry in Asia rising at a record pace, Skye and Johnny are setting the stage for Park West’s presence in the burgeoning Asia market. To the entrepreneurial pair, communication and positive thinking are the cornerstones of success, off and on the clock.

“I’m very grateful for my team on the Sapphire Princess,” Skye shares. “They provide constant support. It’s been exciting to be able to implement the ideas I’ve had in mind over the past two years working in the Chinese market.

Looking back on his shipboard career, Johnny provides insight into leadership as a whole: “As a manager, it is more important for you to lead the team, rather than be a hero and save the world on your own. Making others stronger isn’t always easy, but it’s the best way.”

As the cruise industry in Asia continues to thrive, CSS is pleased to offer job opportunities for candidates with Mandarin, Cantonese and/or Japanese speaking skills.

The Sapphire Princess art team. Photo courtesy of Skye Li.

Like Skye and Johnny, candidates with fluency in one or more of these languages will have the opportunity to work on board cruise ships that host passengers throughout Asia, like Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess, Majestic Princess, and Diamond Princess, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Joy, and Dream Cruises’ Genting Dream, among others.

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