Visit exotic ports of call, enjoy cruise ship amenities and develop an expertise in art. Make new friends and establish lifelong connections all over the world.

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The Lifestyle

Our art teams must strive for excellence and work hard, but in return, they are encouraged to enjoy the unique amenities working aboard a cruise ship has to offer. Our teams are welcome to attend the top-notch Broadway-style shows, live music or performances from stand-up comedians; to enjoy the ship’s bars and nightclubs, including “staff only” lounges; and dine in the multitude of passenger and staff restaurants.

All meals and accommodations on board are provided. Our Associates and Gallery Directors share a cabin with one other person, typically another Park West team member of the same gender, while Auctioneers have their own cabin. Depending on the assigned ship, Associate Auctioneers, Gallery Directors and Principal Auctioneers may have a guest, staff or crew cabin.

Principal Auctioneers are placed in a single cabin, which may be shared by a couple if the Principal Auctioneer wishes to travel with a spouse or partner. Associate Auctioneers and Gallery Directors share a cabin with one other person, typically someone of the same gender from the onboard art team. Cabin space is available for Principal or Associate Auctioneer couples if necessary.

For further information about opportunities and cruise ship life, read our FAQ.


  • Rae-Anne F.

    "Park West has not only provided me with an experience that was once in a lifetime, but has provided me with memories that I will continue to cherish for the rest of my life. It has enabled me to combine my passion for art into a career, with numerous possibilities and room for personal growth. The possibilities are endless and each day is a journey, taken alongside friends for life. I am grateful to Park West for this opportunity and experience and look forward to the future with this wonderful company."
  • Kaizer T.

    ""Park West provides you with the platform for personal growth. Art Associate candidates from all over the world arrive at training with molded multiple experiences. Park West incubates the potential for success through their rigorous training regime, where one leaves with a sense of self-enrichment and fulfillment. Park West training is the ultimate test and without a doubt the ultimate adventure.""
  • Tim F.

    "One of the most exhilarating feelings you will have is hearing the cheers of a crowd packed into a lounge on a cruise ship cheering on their fellow cruisers as eventually someone acquires that Picasso they have been eyeing all cruise long. Or having two individuals try to outbid each other in a “bidding war” where only one of them can take home that one-of-a-kind painting by one of our contemporary artists. At the end of a long day’s (or week’s) work, to have guests come up to me and say, “You have made my vacation, thank you for your expertise and enriching my life,” will never get tiring, and that special feeling is enough for me to keep doing this job for a while to come. My advice when applying for a job with this company is to be prepared to work hard, to grow as an individual, to achieve more than you imagine, to learn to manage people and inventory, and finally to experience life in a whole new way – both financially and experience-wise."
  • Ricardo D. S.

    "I have always had a strong appreciation for art. Being on ships for close to 11 years, the art program and the auctions have always been close by. It seemed only a natural progression to finally make the move to Park West. This experience has more than empowered me as an individual. Being an independent contractor running their own small business on board a cruise ship is more than fulfilling. Having the opportunity to meet people from different nationalities and stepping foot in beautiful and exotic countries is just a cherry on top of a very huge cake. The best part of this rewarding experience is having clients leave your ship with a smile and great works of art that will enrich their lives for years to come."
  • Nenad S.

    "One of the great satisfactions of my job is that I get to introduce beautiful art to people from all different walks of life, many of whom had never interacted with art, or were intimidated by it in the past. However, we get to change that, and make art part of their life and family. Producing the live art auction means producing the live show. You have to make sure that everyone knows their role and that every piece of equipment is ready for impeccable performance. You have to make sure that there are no mishaps and this experience brings your organizational skills to an all new level. It is very rewarding when you get praise from the audience on a fantastic experience you delivered, and most importantly when you convert your audience into life long art collectors."
  • Martin & Roxana B.

    "In all the years we have been involved with Park West, we have come to one very important conclusion: people are never really bothered about the cost of art, they are more inclined to say no because they feel intimidated by the whole experience and their lack of knowledge. A truly amazing experience, besides seeing the world for free, is meeting world-class artists that we would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. There is just something to be said for presenting a stunning painting by Anatole Krasnyansky and then suddenly he walks into the room to say hello! Or, presenting Csaba Markus as he walks in out of the blue to sit next to an unsuspecting collector and says, “Hi!” These are experiences that collectors will always remember when enjoying their acquisitions in the comfort of their own home. Imagine the stories that will be passed on to future generations!"
  • Ethan P.

    "Having worked in many fields in the past, this is by far the most fulfilling. It gives me the ability to work with amazing people from around the world as well as make VERY good money while doing it. For the first time in my life, I made more money than my father who is a director at one of the largest companies in the world. Doing that before the age of 30 was a big deal. This contract I will have paid off 4 years of tuition from a private university in 3 months, and have enough left over to buy a nice car, go on a nice vacation, and do whatever else I want."
  • Deon & Jeanne M.

    "Being 27 years old, thinking we knew business and the science of selling, we were pleasantly shocked out of our comfort zones with the initial training Park West provided. The training in Miami exceeded all expectations and thoroughly excited us to become the best we can be – so much so that we became financially secure in only six months with the skills passed onto us. Even if we ended up not being given this job, the training provided would still justify the long flight to USA, as one of the biggest skills taught at training is social grace, which is of utmost importance in today’s modern business environment."
  • David G.

    "One of my most memorable Park West experiences was at the 2012 Auctioneer Conference. Tim Yanke, a celebrated contemporary artist with Park West Gallery, brought some of his newest works to the event to get our honest feedback. We discussed the meaning behind the works and his creative approach. Everyone loved them and someone had the wild idea of auctioning these works off to the crowd. Minutes later, after a warm welcome from fellow auctioneer, Hannah Meyer, the microphone was in my hand. I conducted an auction in front of all of my peers, Park West’s founder, Albert Scaglione, and dozens of world class artists. Leslie Lew and Marcus Glenn held the works up as I auctioned them off. We raised approximately $10,000 for under privileged kids that evening. The memory of that auction will stay with me for the rest of my life."
  • Coenrad W.

    "Working for a company that has such a great relationship with the artists we represent has been a great honor. I myself have developed a fantastic relationship with most of the artists we represent. The artworks we help our clients get involved with are some of the very best quality, created by some of the world’s most sought after and highly decorated artists. Many of them have been featured in some of the world’s top museums and have had several books written about them. Being able to spend time with these artists, represent them, and represent this great company has truly been an honor."
  • Brian B.

    "Working for Park West changed my life in more ways than I can count. From discovering a broader range of lifestyles and cultures to developing social skills and the ability to sell, I have grown immensely as a person. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Princeton University, I knew that travelling and meeting people from around the world would be thrilling and beneficial, yet nothing could have prepared me for the sheer number of things I have learned and experienced since working with Park West. Working alongside people from around the world, for clientele around the world, while traveling around the world, has provided excitement and educational enrichment I could never expect working in a desk job."
  • Christie A.

    "Working for this company has truly been the most life-changing experience for me. I have had the most incredible experience with the recruiters and trainers. My family is Park West now. I love each and every teammate I’ve worked with, and I can’t thank Park West enough. "
  • Brett V.

    "I learned more during the 10 days of training than I did in 4 years of university! I have been to training three times and I look forward to many more!"
  • Sarah G.

    "I liked that we learned practical skills that are directly transferable and applicable to our duties. Everything we learned was for a reason, there was no fluff. I’ve met good friends at training in 2011 who I still keep in touch with! It was great to see a few friends at this training class. It’s challenging, but that’s what is fun about training – we have to push ourselves a little, and that’s exciting and rewarding."
  • Beate K.

    "The training opened up my eyes to the psychology of the business world and sales. Through the course of training, even though it might be tough, you gain confidence in all aspects of life. It is also a great opportunity to meet people and cultures from all over the world. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their lives in any way, and every way, possible."