Our comprehensive training program prepares you to take on the exciting challenge of producing live art auctions on international cruise ships.

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Job Training

Our Training Academy has successfully trained thousands of new and returning Independent Contractors for their prospects at sea and beyond.

Training is led by industry leaders with real on-the-job experience in leading successful art programs at sea.

Job training is held at Park West’s location in Miami Lakes, Florida over the course of nine days. Training is also held in Hong Kong approximately twice a year for interested applicants living in Asia.

Training Benefits

  • Instruction by Industry Leaders: Gather extensive fine art, sales, and auctioneering experience from successful Principal Auctioneers.
  • New Skills: Learn new business, public speaking, auctioneering, marketing, and organizational skills.
  • Meet our Artists: Expand your art knowledge at the source by meeting a series of world-class artists.
  • One-on-One Instruction: Develop your skills with individual attention from our instructors.
  • Interactive Training: Get a glance of life on board with mock auctions and previews in a comfortable, collaborative, and encouraging setting.
  • Make New Friends: Meet other Principal Auctioneers, Gallery Directors, and Art Associates from all over the world.

Training Preparation

After successfully completing a round of interviews and preliminary paperwork, candidates are offered an official invitation to training. Once candidates complete training, they are immediately assigned their first cruise ship assignment.

Study and preparation guides are provided to candidates prior to their arrival at training. Candidates are encouraged and expected to study these materials in order to maximize their learning potential and performance at training. Those who excel are well-prepared, eager to learn, confident, passionate, and friendly—qualities that translate into a solid foundation for entrepreneurial success in the fine art business.

Each candidate’s performance at training is a factor in his or her cruise ship assignment. Top training graduates are often placed on high-performing cruise ships and given the opportunity to be mentored under the most successful Principal Auctioneers. Therefore, it is in a candidate’s best interest to fully prepare.

Candidates leave training with a newfound appreciation for fine art and auctioneering, in addition to a myriad of new skills that will contribute to their success in any future career field.

Training and Job Expenses

Being prepared to work on board a cruise ship means completing all necessary paperwork, forms, and certifications. This is the case for any position on any cruise line—details below.

Included Accommodations

  • Hotel Accommodations: We provide hotel accommodations for training in Miami Lakes, Florida for new and returning candidates. Additionally, living accommodations are provided on board at no cost.
  • Breakfast and Lunch Accommodations: We provide breakfast and lunch accommodations during training for new and returning candidates, with meal options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. Additionally, all meals are provided on board at no cost.
  • Course Materials: We provide an extensive survey of educational materials and supplies for new and returning candidates.
  • Transportation: We provide daily transportation from the hotel to the training center in Miami Lakes, Florida for new and returning training candidates. If any medical exams need to be completed during training, your transportation is also provided.
  • Post-Training Airfare: We provide airfare to each new candidate’s assigned cruise ship upon completing training, as well as accommodations to return home after a successful completion of your first contract.

Job Requirements and Expenses

  • Valid Passport: All Independent Contractors (ICs) must maintain an up-to-date passport valid for the duration of their contract on board.
  • Visas: U.S. and Canadian citizens are not typically required to obtain any visas. ICs from all other countries are responsible for securing any visas required by the itinerary and/or cruise line. This requirement also includes a C1/D visa to travel in and out of the United States.
  • Comprehensive Medical Examination: All ICs must complete a series of medical examinations to be declared fit for duty by a cruise line approved physician.
  • Background Check: All ICs are required to undergo a full background check.
  • Drug Screening: All ICs are required to undergo a full drug screening. Individuals that test positive for illegal substances will not be eligible to work on board a cruise ship.
  • Healthcare Coverage: All ICs are required to provide proof of health coverage in their home country.
  • Business Professional Attire: This is a suit and tie job, so please ensure you will look the part when on board.

Training Requirements and Expenses

  • Airfare and Ground Transportation: New candidates must purchase a one-way plane ticket to training in Miami Lakes, Florida, as well as arrange ground transportation to the hotel. Transportation costs for returning training candidates are covered.
  • Dinner Accommodations: New and returning candidates are responsible for dinner accommodations during the course of training.