Living and working aboard a cruise ship is an experience for anyone with a sense of adventure. Begin yours today!

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Park West Gallery has introduced over 2 million cruise ship guests to the wonders of art collecting. Our onboard art galleries and programs are currently found on Carnival, Celebrity CruisesNorwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean International.

A cruise ship job is just as multi-faceted as our candidates. As a result, Park West’s Talent Management Team is committed to providing guidance and support to new candidates moving through the application, interview, and hiring process, as well as to current Independent Contractors seeking career advice.


The Onboard Collection

With access to an extensive archive of historical masterworks and modern classics, our Independent Contractors represent a diverse roster of world-class artists, including:

Park West Gallery is the exclusive art dealer for a number of world-class artists and oftentimes acquires works directly from the artists’ studios or estates.