Travel the world and gain professional skills that will take you places. Learn to manage a fine arts program on board cruise ships.

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Cruise Ship Jobs


We are looking for ambitious candidates to begin their training as an Art Associate or Art Preparator.

The joy of collecting fine art starts with our Art Teams. By building onboard relationships, sharing their art knowledge, and hosting art events, our Principal Auctioneers, Gallery Directors, Art Associates, and Art Preparators create an experience our clients will remember forever.

Job Qualifications

We cater to a dynamic demographic of clientele from all nationalities, educational backgrounds, and ages. Therefore, candidates with diverse backgrounds are considered.

What You’ll Do:

  • Live and work on board a cruise ship for 6 months at a time
  • Promote and represent Park West’s onboard art program
  • Deliver engaging and entertaining presentations, seminars, and live art auctions
  • Lead sales consultations
  • Create and design marketing collateral
  • Curate and setup art displays

All Qualified Candidates Should:

  • Possess strong public speaking skills
  • Possess an entrepreneurial mindset and a competitive drive
  • Enjoy a fast-paced and dynamic work environment
  • Work closely with other team members in a multicultural environment
  • Be personable and maintain a professional demeanor and appearance

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Job Advancement

Your role as an onboard associate is just the beginning. With continued success, advancement to the level of Gallery Director and Art Auctioneer are common.

Independent Contractors frequently go on to do great things with the sales, public speaking, and entrepreneurial skills they learn on the job, including:

  • Joining Park West’s Shoreside Management:  Advanced ICs may have the opportunity to join other departments, including Fleet Management, Marketing, and Recruiting.
  • Representing Park West’s VIP Auction Team: Qualified ICs may have the opportunity to join a land-based sales team.
  • Other Opportunities: Many ICs go on to pursue a career in business, entrepreneurship, sales, broadcasting, and museum studies.

No matter what your career has in store for you, the professional skills you gain while working on cruise ships will elevate your career to new heights.

Through our extensive on-the-job training, you’ll receive all the tools you need to be successful. Your success is our ultimate goal.

Interview and Hiring Process

The Recruitment Team is actively seeking candidates who will represent the company, its affiliates, and its artists as Principal Auctioneers, Gallery Directors, Art Associates, and Art Preparators.

The Process:

  1. Recruiters review resumes and invite qualified applicants to interview.
  2. Two to three online interviews and paperwork is conducted.
  3. Top applicants are invited to attend training before their career onboard.

New hires begin their career as either an Art Associate or Art Preparator. From there, you will receive on-the-job training to ultimately become a Principal Auctioneer.

Job Descriptions

  • Principal Auctioneer

    The Principal Auctioneer (PA) is the department head of the art program on each cruise ship. Each Principal Auctioneer is held accountable for his/her art program’s success.

    As the primary source of onboard auction revenue, Principal Auctioneers promote the art program via direct and platform sales during live art auctions. All events—auctions, exhibitions, and seminars—are planned and carried out under the Principal Auctioneer’s supervision.

    Principal Auctioneers are chosen based on a demonstration of high performance ratings, consistent sales records, and professionalism.

    There are additional advancement and management opportunities available to Principal Auctioneers with a proven track record of running a successful onboard art program.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Individually conduct auctions in an enthusiastic and entertaining fashion
    • Manage a multicultural art team in a professional and motivational manner, much like an entrepreneur or small business owner
    • Maintain a positive working relationship with cruise ship and shoreside management while functioning as the department head for the onboard art program
    • Continually strategize and improve programming, auction techniques, and collection promotion
    • Design and present educational art history seminars
    • Create and execute an effective marketing plan and gear all activities toward its implementation


    Accommodations and meals on board are provided, as well as a stipend for travel to and from ship assignments.

    Principal Auctioneer’s earnings are determined by an uncapped commission structure with guaranteed base earnings.

    CSS covers costs under an approved budget designed to properly operate the art program. Auctioneers may, at their own discretion, exceed the budget (typically on high revenue cruises) and may incur expenses. These are typically offset by increased net earnings.

  • Gallery Director

    The Gallery Director (GD) is “second in command” in the onboard art program and plays a critical role in its success.

    A Gallery Director’s chief function is to manage the onboard art gallery and to actively enrich the art program by organizing supplemental lectures, gallery exhibitions, and collecting events. Gallery Directors also supervise the daily performance of other team members.

    Gallery Directors are given feedback daily and are formally evaluated once per month by their Principal Auctioneer. Gallery Directors are expected to practice their auctioneering and oration techniques continually. Once a Gallery Director has consistently demonstrated mastery of each of the aforementioned tasks, they will be considered for the Principal Auctioneer job position.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Assist the Principal Auctioneer in developing and executing a comprehensive onboard marketing plan
    • Function as a strong, collaborative, one-on-one sales professional, which includes hosting clients who request personal appointments to discuss potential acquisitions
    • Support the art program through art enrichment lectures, gallery exhibitions, and other collecting events
    • Manage and schedule front-of-house auction registration staff
    • Curate art displays and supervise auction preparations


    Accommodations and meals on board are provided, as well as a stipend to and from ship assignments.

    Gallery Directors earn a weekly guaranteed base pay in addition to commission based on targets achieved.

  • Art Associate

    Each Art Associate (AA) works directly with the Gallery Director and Principal Auctioneer in developing, maintaining, and executing the cruise ship art program.

    An Art Associate’s primary function is to generate sales, market the onboard art program, and arrange gallery and auction displays while maintaining a positive attitude and enthusiastic work ethic.

    Art Associates are given feedback daily and are formally evaluated once per month by their Principal Auctioneer. Within the Art Associate job position, there are regular promotions in earning potential.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Curate and set up art displays in high-traffic areas to market the onboard gallery, generating art awareness and interest among cruise guests
    • Initiate and engage in consultative conversations with guests, educate guests about the onboard art program and art auction business, determine a client’s level of interest, and develop sales leads
    • Independently manage the full sales process
    • Generate client invoices while answering shipping, payment, and fulfillment questions
    • Develop and maintain a promotional mindset, which includes constantly marketing the artwork, the gallery, and yourself


    Accommodations and meals on board are provided, as well as travel to and from ship assignments.

    Entry-level Art Associates earn a weekly guaranteed base pay in addition to commission based on targets achieved. After the first 30 days on board, Art Associates are able to receive commissions based on targets achieved.

  • Art Preparator

    Each Art Preparator (AP) assists with program operations and logistics, and are an integral part of each cruise ship art program.

    Art Preparators are selected from a variety of multicultural backgrounds. Art Preparators should be coachable, professional, and willing to learn. English proficiency and the ability to lift up to 50 lbs (23 kg) of equipment and supplies are required.

    Art Preparators have the opportunity to advance to the Art Associate job position when the necessary skills are demonstrated.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Coordinate art displays for gallery events and art auctions in accordance with cruise ship safety standards and art handling best practices
    • Supervise inventory of artwork, marketing collateral, and office supplies
    • Manage the quality and integrity of the onboard art collection, art gallery, and art storage areas in line with cruise ship safety standards
    • Lead a team of hired art movers, educating them on art handling best practices and cruise ship safety standards
    • Assist the Principal Auctioneer during auctions by gathering requested artwork, bringing artwork on and off the auction stage, managing artwork setup, and safely returning artwork to storage


    Accommodations and meals on board are provided, as well as travel to and from ship assignments.

    Art Preparators are given a weekly base salary with bonuses for targets achieved, as well as branded polo shirts to be work while on duty.