Visit exotic ports of call, enjoy cruise ship amenities, and develop an expertise in fine art. Make new friends and establish lifelong connections all over the world.

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Life at Sea

The lifestyle of working on board cruise ships demands excellence, hard work, and motivation.

Each cruise ship is a multicultural environment with employees that represent more than 100 different nationalities. These diverse teams of professionals bring their own customs and habits to the workplace, resulting in an eclectic and unique working atmosphere unlike any other job.

As a result, not only do team members develop an expertise in the fine arts industry, but they also develop friendships with ties around the world.

In return for their ambition, business savvy, and attention to detail while implementing each onboard art program, Independent Contractors are encouraged to enjoy the unique amenities cruise ship life has to offer.

For more information on training, job duties, and cruise ship life, read our FAQ.


  • Rose G.

    "The challenging, fast-paced, exhilarating life on cruise ships is almost addictive. I’ve enjoyed every second of it."
  • Brett H.

    "This company has altered the course of my future. Working on board cruise ships can be challenging at times, however, the quality of life is second-to-none."
  • Shannon B.

    "Best learning experience—life changing. Cruise ship life allows for growth on a professional and personal level. It’s a journey of self-discovery and development, accompanied with success financially—all achieved while exploring the world."
  • Deidre S.

    "The life experience, people skills, sales skills, work ethic, adventure, camaraderie, and travel are incomparable to any other career in the world."
  • Joseph G.

    "Working for this company has been, and will continue to be, the most beneficial experience of my life. Everyone is dedicated to maintaining the highest of professional standards, and also offered me such a well-rounded and compassionate “Welcome to the family” when I joined."
  • Brian S.

    "In my six years working on cruise ships, I have made many life goals a reality and garnered so much confidence, experience, and knowledge. I have made friends and contacts all over the world, and I look forward to continuing this surreal experience."
  • Cherene P.

    "What a challenging, but rewarding experience. Ask questions, be friendly, and enjoy each obstacle. I’m proud to represent this company."
  • Erin N.

    "Working on cruise ships has been one of the most rewarding and educational experiences I’ve had. It’s such a unique opportunity to build world-class sales skills, meet people from all over the world—artists, guests, fellow crew members—as well as travel. You truly build skills for life."
  • Amy N.

    "Be prepared to work hard, learn a lot, and meet some of the incredible artists who you’ll be representing on board. The trainers are exceptionally knowledgeable and charismatic, committed to making the process both enjoyable and highly informative."
  • Nickole M.

    "This job has given me the opportunity to expand my art knowledge, develop sales skills that are useful outside the gallery setting, and strengthen my ability to work within a team. My primary motivation, however, is seeing the joy I bring to people when I open their eyes to the world of art."
  • Joseph W.

    "Joining this company was, and still is, the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s allowed me to develop as a professional and realize my potential. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m looking forward to it."
  • Rae-Anne F.

    "I’ve seen places I never imagined, made friends from all around the world, and experienced the most incredible things. Each day, I am surrounded by my passion for art, and I cannot wait for the adventures ahead."
  • Herman G.

    "A truly remarkable company that invests time in their employees and helps them exceed in life—as individuals and within the company. This career has changed my life."
  • Henry John K.

    "A reputable and professional gallery that is always striving to give the best service to their collectors and staff."
  • Putu D.

    "Working on cruise ships is truly a life changer. It doesn’t matter what your background or education is, once you’ve made it through training, you’ll never be the same person again."
  • Ivan D.

    "Working for this company is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When you work on board cruise ships, you grow as a person, improve on your weaknesses, and meet some of the most talented and inspiring individuals."
  • Michael D.

    "I always enjoy every second of training. You meet the most amazing people and have the privilege to learn from the great training staff. The sales trainers truly give you the tools to become a top art auctioneer."
  • Yadi L.

    "Anyone who wants to work in the field of art management should train to work on an onboard art team."
  • Ian B.

    "So far, I have traveled to almost every continent and met some remarkable people. The job has also provided me with a financial platform on which to grow even more."
  • Bojana B.

    "I love working on a cruise ship. Everyone is so friendly, supportive, and inspiring."
  • Carmen W.

    "This is a tough job, but a fun, tough job. Interacting with art collectors and friends from around the world is truly an eye-opening experience."
  • Eliot D.

    "Working for this company has given me the opportunity to develop both my business acumen and my professionalism, all while traveling the world. I would highly recommend this job for anyone who loves travel, works hard, and is willing to take on a challenge."
  • Pienaar W.

    "I’ve never experienced a company that values their employees as much as this one. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity."
  • Gabriela S.

    "This job is never tedious. You wake up every day in a different part of the world, exchanging ideas with clients and colleagues. It’s an incredible, life-changing way to live."
  • Candice B.

    "I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to push myself in the area of fine arts and business. After leaving a management career in entertainment, this company has given me the fire and drive that I had been searching for."
  • Alexandra D.

    "Everything about this job makes me stronger, more competitive, and more goal-oriented. I truly love my job."
  • Christina B.

    "The 9-day training pushed me so far. I can positively say that I left a better public speaker, with a better work ethic, more confidence, and the tools to become a better person. So far, this has been one of the best things I have done to advance myself."
  • Coenrad W.

    "As a person who has been to many different business and sales training courses around the world, I can safely say that the quality, class, and professionalism with which this organization presents its product training ranks among the very best."