Nothing compares to watching the sunrise from a cruise ship

Julianne (Jules) Poindexter has been with us since November of 2011.  She is excited to blog about some of her adventures, places she’s going, things she’s doing, etc – so without further adieu:

Hi there!
My name is Julianne, but I go by Jules.  I’m excited to share with you the exciting things I am up to, and the many ways that my life has changed for the better since November 2011, the month I joined Park West Gallery.

If you are thinking about joining Park West or merely curious about what the job entails, I hope my posts will shed some light on what the position is actually like, real-time.

I can’t wait to share with you my amazing experiences with this company, and give you a clearer picture of what the day to day job is actually like. In the meanwhile, here are a few pictures I hope you’ll enjoy that will show you a true and accurate picture of how much fun I’m having, and how happy I am to be in the Park West family.

Photo Above:  I highly recommend EVERYBODY make the sacrifice of getting up super early one morning once settled on his/her ship, to watch the sunrise. Nothing compares to sunrises on a ship.

I’m due in Vegas in a couple of weeks, so I won’t forget to check-in with you guys there… I’m sure I’ll have a Bellagio fountain pictures for you all to enjoy!…  Until then, Peace! And Carpe Diem.