Visit exotic ports of call, enjoy cruise ship amenities, and develop an expertise in fine art. Make new friends and establish lifelong connections all over the world.

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Life at Sea

The lifestyle of working on board cruise ships demands excellence, hard work, and motivation.

Each cruise ship is a multicultural environment with employees that represent more than 100 different nationalities. These diverse teams of professionals bring their own customs and habits to the workplace, resulting in an eclectic and unique working atmosphere unlike any other job.

As a result, not only do team members develop an expertise in the fine arts industry, but they also develop friendships with ties around the world.

In return for their ambition, business savvy, and attention to detail while implementing each onboard art program, Independent Contractors are encouraged to enjoy the unique amenities cruise ship life has to offer.

For more information on training, job duties, and cruise ship life, read our FAQ.


  • Nick V.

    "An incredible opportunity for anyone looking for the most rewarding job of your life. Amidst the continuous challenges, you will grow personally and professionally."
  • Yvonne H.

    "Training prepared me to thrive as a team member, an entrepreneur, and a public speaker, allowing myself tremendously grow as a business professional."
  • Nicole L.

    "I’ve been with the company for almost four years and it’s an adventure every time you join a new cruise ship."
  • Catherine G.

    "Training is always a refreshing experience. Not only do you meet a diverse set of individuals, but the trainers also give great advice that is useful on and off the cruise ship."
  • Amy W.

    "This job gives you the opportunity to travel the world and look at contemporary artwork from a new perspective. You’ll meet great artists and learn about the most advanced technology in the art industry, as well as build positive relationships with people from around the world."
  • Bianca U.

    "Not only has this company given me the necessary skill-set to go out and excel in the art field, but it also sets the perfect foundation for any individual looking to take on a rigorous challenge."
  • Matthew B.

    "The knowledge you gain from the training itself is of the highest level. With trainers so knowledgeable and experienced—each in their own way—they really made me feel well equipped for the future to come."
  • Kaizer T.

    "The company facilitates limitless growth. I would recommend a cruise ship job to anybody who is not afraid to reach the stars."
  • Chantel M.

    "This job challenges you and keeps you sharp. The company opens up many opportunities to better yourself in both a business and individual sense—allowing you to become more confident and knowledgeable in all aspects of your professional life. A cruise ship job allows you to meet new people and discover new cultures."
  • Ansa W.

    "Training pushed me to be my best self. I discovered that we are all a little stronger than we think. I will cherish this experience for a lifetime. The encouragement you receive during training is motivating, preparing you for a cruise ship job."
  • Kiel E.

    "A rewarding job. Whether seeing a happy collector, building rapport with clients, or meeting amazing guests and crew, the benefits are endless. Working on a cruise ship is not always easy, but the best things in life never are."
  • Charisa B.

    "The people you meet while working on board a cruise ship are incredible. When you push yourself, you’ll find you were and are capable of so much more than you think."
  • Darren T.

    "The most educational, informative, and intense auctioneer and business training I’ve ever experienced. This job opportunity has taken me out of my comfort zone, added such value to my personal growth, and inspired me to become a better version of myself."
  • Lisa P.

    "With this job, you get to learn on a daily basis. Every cruise ship you leave is like leaving a family behind. Yet, you know that you now have lifelong friends around the world. The skills I have acquired during training will forever help me on my journey through life."
  • Rose G.

    "The challenging, fast-paced, exhilarating life on cruise ships is almost addictive. I’ve enjoyed every second of it."
  • Brett H.

    "This company has altered the course of my future. Working on board cruise ships can be challenging at times, however, the quality of life is second-to-none."
  • Shannon B.

    "Best learning experience—life changing. Cruise ship life allows for growth on a professional and personal level. It’s a journey of self-discovery and development, accompanied with success financially—all achieved while exploring the world."
  • Deidre S.

    "The life experience, people skills, sales skills, work ethic, adventure, camaraderie, and travel are incomparable to any other career in the world."
  • Joseph G.

    "Working for this company has been, and will continue to be, the most beneficial experience of my life. Everyone is dedicated to maintaining the highest of professional standards, and also offered me such a well-rounded and compassionate “Welcome to the family” when I joined."
  • Brian S.

    "In my six years working on cruise ships, I have made many life goals a reality and garnered so much confidence, experience, and knowledge. I have made friends and contacts all over the world, and I look forward to continuing this surreal experience."
  • Cherene P.

    "What a challenging, but rewarding experience. Ask questions, be friendly, and enjoy each obstacle. I’m proud to represent this company."